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Small Business Tips

As social media platforms age and diversify, their user base becomes ever more expansive. Businesses targeting a range of niches now find it much easier to go direct to their desired demographic, with the ability to target on social advertising by location, interest and age range. We've also seen diversification in terms of the types of people using social media, with grandparents now regular users on Facebook whilst parents pop-up on Instagram. If your business appeals to even one in a million, it leaves you with a possible 7,000 people worldwide you can connect with, and if emerging internet-user statistics are anything to go by, the majority of these will be online within the next 5 years.

So, getting started:

1) Register accounts

The setup process for all of the major platforms is very straightforward. In setting up, i would advise doing so with a gmail account or similar to avoid spammy notifications. Use clear, high resolution logos with correct sizing for each platform. Ensure to use clear, accurate information in the bio section that shows clear contact information and links to your website. A presence on the big 3 is relevant for any business; Facebook, twitter & Instagram. LinkedIn is a good choice for professional businesses, whereas snapchat may be more relevant when selling to a teenage market. Research where has the most attention of your target demographic and deploy accordingly.

2) Grow

On Twitter and Instagram, targeting for growth can begin by focusing on the followers of relevant accounts. Its a little time consuming, but can help to quickly build a relevant follower base. There's a number of accessible online programmes that can help to automate the process, but these do risk you following some irrelevant or undesirable accounts. On Facebook, invite your own friends to like your page and share that you've recently launched a Facebook page. You can also incentivise by offering a discount or giveaway for 1 of the first X amount of fans.

3) Plan content strategy

Use a simple format like google calendar to plan your content, ensuring an even spread of interesting posts and sales based posts across the month. If your page is "sell, sell, sell" it will be difficult to attract people, so populating your account with interesting content, relevant to your demographic although not requiring anything from the user, can help to build brand loyalty and leverage your position as an authority in the market. You can plan around key dates and schedule time-focused campaigns, whilst easily adapting in reaction to anything newsworthy which may arise during the month. You can stagger campaigns around public holidays and sporting events, using these as a way to engage with new people who's interests cross-reference with yours.

4) Posting

Native is the key word here. A post thats amazing on Instagram, may be completely wasted on twitter. Learning the key fundamentals of each platform and the best way to post on each is crucial. With Facebook, for example, photos or videos with minimal text overlay and 2-3 sentences below, with a call to action that encourages engagement, is known to work best. Posting 1-2 times a day is ideal here, whereas on twitter posting 20 times a day is perfectly fine. Learn the nuances, plan accordingly, but be adaptable.

5) Engagement

Fans are wasted if you don't speak to them. A lot of people spend so much time building a following, but then experience poor engagement and, as such, lower retention or physical results, because they don't speak to their audience. This is also a great way to build your following. For example, an agency commenting on a model's photograph or a cafe replying to a patron's comment on your photo thanking them is an easy, quick and effective engagement practice. Ensuring your posts encourage engagement, don't forget to then continue conversations. This is also great to appeal to Facebook's algorithm, which prioritises posts it deems valuable to the user.

For help with your businesses social media presence, get in touch for a chat. Loui@Disruptivesocialclub.com

Small Business Tips